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the patient gradually grew weaker, the vomiting continuing.

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other, drew closely about them. As a recent writer has well

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Mumf.ird, now deceased, two children, Edward Muniford

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pursued a course in Biology at Cornell University, from 1876 to

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upon the importance of his discovery by Apostoli, never-

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It is my purpose to show that this opinion, which is held by

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is the mother of two children, the youngest about nine years old.

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In the Manchurian campaign these symptoms of irrita-

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Such are the lesions seen on the undoubtedly epiphysial

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in the private practice of his profession, in which he has successfully

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we conclude that its mode of action is at first very slightly irri-

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toms corresponded in each prover. This was the work of many

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in just one week by paralysis of the brain, which terminated his life.

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cork of a more conical form than those commonly used, with a hole made through

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Emmet, Munde, Simpson, Barnes, Playfair, Tait, Schroeder,

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the positive signs of death. When there is the slightest

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entitled " Nervous Exhaustion Dependent upon Concussion of

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The stimulus may be conveyed through the sympathetic nerve-

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1885.] Recent Pathology in its Bearings on Therapeutics. 57

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is only a fairly good operator, but is constantly improving.

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instructive paper by Dr. N. W. Emerson, entitled " Determination

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spent two years in the McMicken University at Cincinnati,

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not very deeply, making a large opening, often more broad

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Man aet. 30. Swelling of the left knee of six months' stand-

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trajectory, was formerly represented by a long curve; the

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great dryness of the throat, especially on waking ; voice husky ;

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abundant diet (milk, the yolk of eggs, fresh vegetables, and perhaps meat),

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2. Gangrene. — Nowadays we constantly hear it repeated

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by the breaking of both her limbs, one of them twice.

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here let me call attention to the natural inference to be drawn