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has succeeded in a way that I could not have anticipated.

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extrinsic to the nerve which compresses or injures it, the prognosis

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Prevention of the continued introduction of lead into the system is an

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In cutting the fold one must not forget its relations to the

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perposition of new parts, and the various spines and laminae, which

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blood-cultures. If the blood is later withdrawn it is

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of your older readers. The Transactions of the Maine

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ford has given an excellent resume of it in the Ophthalmic Hospital Reports

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ment (pre-employment physicals) to rehabilitation. To be

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out. But on the 19th he suddenly expired. The whole duration

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A collection of extravasated blood, usually within the tissues. Exam-

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of a solution of sulphate of copper, so as to give a pale blue color.

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acknowledged as the most desirable location in the State. In consequence of the number

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masia alba dolens, thrombosis of other veins, thrombosis of the heart, necrosis

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tion of the gastric mucous membrane, a more uormal secretion

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nearly so. A hospital patient of mine, named Coggs, could not

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the question arises, have we legal power to enforce this recommen-