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that this haemorrhage resulted from contre-coup. I might
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13th. — There has been too much tenderness to allow any
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blood was examined for malarial organisms with negative re-
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counts ranged between 4,500,000 and 9,250,000; in 8 the number
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* Figures in upper left-hand corner represent grams nitrogen ; those in lower
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tation of that part which must occur before the body
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factors, Department of the Army SB 8-39 rates are nor-
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on the left side presented a peculiar red granular appearance,
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horns less affected ; (v.) the lateral horns, affects the white matter at the
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to require that the fifth year should be devoted to clinical work at
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But, as a matter of fact, none of these methods is absolutely accurate,
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31. Schwartz R. Hepner S, Ziai M: Incidence of acute rheumatic fever: A
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students a series of questions is appended to each chapter. Milk,
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for the use of students can be valuable with such short descriptions
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bulbar tractotomy with the patient's blood pressure
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in neurasthenics. Such a vaso-motor cramp might easily be
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of plants, it is true, such as the leaves, flowers, and fruit, perish
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The state of its secretion regulates that of the general health;
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of the patients coming into the surgical wards of the
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While holding the foot at right angles with the leg, and the board firmly
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lessons in hard work, the folly of their past conduct. The
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Six drops, gradually increased to fourteen, to be taken three times
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of the proceedings of the Dublin Obstetrical Society, contain-
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bone is double, laterally, in infancy ; the two halves uniting into
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