viz., increase in the |)ower of the contraction of the
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and may thus recognize that a volumetrically normal sized spleen is
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represent the true death-rate of the operation. Three pa-
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1— liver complaint, I— dropsy on the brain, 1— accidental, 1.
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ment for the farmer to produce high grade milk, for
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dination : these three functions are exercised respectively by the lobes of the cerebrum, by the
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hemoglobin, 40 per cent.; reds, 3,750,000; whites, 575,000. April 23,
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very irregular in shape. The protoplasm is not pigmented. Where
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natured alcohol containing about 1 teaspoonful of castor oil to each 2
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*The National Dispensatory, page 1410, Philadelphia, 1879.
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most the next moment she stood up, gazed vacantly around
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volumes each year. J. V. C. .SMITH, M.D., Editor. Price $3,00 a year in advance, $3,50 after three
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I did not believe it then, nor do I now. (But how these
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Intercostal or sympathetic nerves, [Phil. Trans. 1795, p. 177], with the following results
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was paid to the theory of infectiousness of tuberculosis even by
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logical conditions in any of his cases. Tight-lacing is
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same principle, though with some modifications. In England
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llh. 5m. Same as last. llh. 10m. Same. llh. 15m. Same.
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Dr. John P. von Berg was born at Hazel Green, Wisconsin, July 15, 1858.
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tions do tend to induce pectoral complaints, and to shorten life.
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ments. If it be true, as physiology teaches, that the stools, on'ing to the ab>
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kidneys and in bile. 4s with any new drug given over
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There was nothing suggestive of Wegner's " osteochondritis "
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contributions sufficient to meet all prospective expenses.
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1896, 89-99. —Vinke (H. H.) A few notes on organo-
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which we shall find immense variety of development, from a
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world, selected for their fitness for the task assigned them, and
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tuberculosis he found tubercles in a notable proportion of cases. In the
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This rare disease is sometimes the result of trauma, but
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in which cerebral nutrition is quite surely lowered and perverted,
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pitting of tissues ; no pain on free manipulation. Move-
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is formed by an aggregation and coalescence of mole-
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degree of labor, and when the task is accomplished, the results can only be rightly estimated
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priations from other Surgical works. Though the author mentions
stock of the latter article, with a view to prevent further
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tonsil, epiglottis and glottis so that the patient could swallow
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Dr. Starr will have the cordial thanks of the profession for
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(Schmidt's Jahrbiicher), this is due not to any increased
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mour and weakness of the muscular sj'stem, and hyper-
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cathartic of calomel and jalap ; for a gargle, borax, gum, myrrh,
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nized that the introduction of foreign bodies, such as steel
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jeopardizes his own reputation and in some cases possibly the life of
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originated from the uterine glands or Muller's ducts.