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four the peritoneal cavity was opened, twice in three places.
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A contagious disease originating in any one spot, spreads thence
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If ammoniacal decomposition has set in there will be triple phos-
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perforation of the ulcerated bowel at some point. This is always a
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the mild type of the disease eruptions typical of mild
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dilated; tongue moist, but not furred ; pulse 140 to 150; great disposition to tonic spasms :
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fomites, we are not prepared to see how the theory can be supported
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Dr. I. D. MisiioFF, of Milwaukee: In regard to statistics, I want to
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smallest of these, would interfere with the formation of an in-
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the chill and the bowels moved freely, but at 10 p.m.
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XXV. c. 26. of Livy. " Postreimo ita adsuetudine mali cU'eraverunt animos, ut non
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times a day. It produces in some patients gastro-intestinal disturbance, and
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its neighbourhood. As it grows, a zone forms around it of large nucleated
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for new surgical chairmen would come to give weight to such member-
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which in some cases this drug causes the lesions to disappear from the
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After five or six seconds, say, " All right, now show me." After
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whether the pyi^mic symptoms are referable in any measure to the heart.
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tice. But neither among the Peruvians, nor the ancient or modern
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ercises will be held at which lectures, essays, and
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Auxiliary, and an advisory council will be selected from
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surrounded the Sovereign, but the attention of the public
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amputate before the formation of the boundary line) been
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cases, from the second week. It may alternate with punch, hour
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exquisitely painful. Some of these cases can be quickly
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the State for their use, if in Ids opinion they are necessary
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in their usual numbers, affect the life or vigon of the vegetation which
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culosis of the left hand, have been dismissed as cured, and a boy,
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state does not require an examination in all cases as a qualification
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rule and commonly microcytes occur in the blood. These findings,
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the 18th of this month. This is not the only case of the kind.