passage of the blood from the centre of the limb to the superficial

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temesse and cold bathing (72° F.) it is only 4%. Of the 50 chil-

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Comparative statement of cases of Contagious Diseases

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objection for (to) its extirpation, when he is satisfied that this

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tubercle bacilli the development of tuberculosis depends. If there

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comes very ill, put him in a mud house and seal it up

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lished in Philadelphia, on the "Abortive the above prescription, or perhaps it was

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2. In itseftects the Elixir is more characteristic, permanent, and uniform than any of the artificial compounds of Morphine.

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patient. The gradual fall of temperature is shown by a thermo-

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of inflammation which may be caused by introducing an

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Computed from insuflacient data, but believed to be approximately correct.— H. O. B.

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already been studied in a previous section. Its nervous origin is

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of the rectum and vagina and blend in the strong rectovaginal

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former the dog's serum is most powerful and the rabbit's the least.

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sion a portion of the sixth rib was resected just behind

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when it is drawn to one side, — but this is very rare.

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the tumor, and she put her ear to it, and could hear

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tion — suitable attention being given to all the sources of error. The

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8 years of age in a London school need 2,515 calories.

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temper, failure of memory, inability to concentrate the atten-

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suffe'r from spasm of the muscles, as many of these cases do, and the urine, during the whole

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herpetic eruption, but the vesicles are extremely rapidly broken, giving