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the febrile state, is to find some substance which will act upon the
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been able to gather from the experience of distinguished
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discharge of mucus or other matters. In the first case the cough may
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ease, to education and to all the conditions of human
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at a time. The usual dose is fifteen, twenty, twenty-five or
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There is here no indication of an increase in virulence of the
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maybe necessary to throw a light upon the general evidence ; while matter
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of thirty grains of bromide of calcium gave him eight hours' sound sleep, and
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in the great majority of healthy throats in New York City, and possibly in
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under consideration. It has also been my experience to
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If this request is not heeded it is to be hoped that, pursuant of his
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phasise the opinion that it matters little whether it is a retro-
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time; second, that the dressings should not he changed too frequently
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fact that the first specimen examined was free from sugar, but that
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(Tj^As the nature of the business to be transacted at
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patients considered at risk of having occult atherosclerotic heart disease who are given
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than that of its power, even some months after his death,
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breathing for a time, but at the end of a fortnight he had im-
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(7) Plantar Neuralgia. — This is not uncommon in flat-
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muscles prior to their decussation. The paralysis will then be crossed—
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an aseptic injury, we have a reparative process — call
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soever the ointment is accidentally rubbed off, repeat it again ;
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Quite anumber of gentlemen, seeing the course taken
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substance, in which dysentery came on after the disappearance of the primar}'
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tism, &c. j and to cattle in doses of 4 or 6 dr. But its utility
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were inserted, and the chest washed out daily. On May 20 a counter-opening
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become very seriously ill, and is cared for by two nurses whom