when the limb is affected. The local application of cold, astrin-

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neck, and in his legs and abdomen. All of this trouble had developed while

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8. Name and describe the organisms that produce the

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groin and axillary regions are almost never attacked.

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The treatment of acute traumatic neurasthenia is fortunately in many

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ance of the sensorial and vascular systems, as essential and character-

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when there is evidence of a failure in the primary assi-

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discomfort (which is not apt to be the case under collo-

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intoxication, often with jaundice, acetone acidosis, the elimination of

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prises almost 500 pages. Plaster dressings are more fully con-

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Diarrhoea, Infantile. See Arsenic — Dysentery; Ca-

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zations and author of several articles, Doctor Grin-

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Notwithstanding I have endeavoured to place this subject before you

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be placed in the corridor on the upper floor near the rooms in which the

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brane, usually limited to the nasal cavities, is more or less firmly adherent to the

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muth or barium may reveal anatomic conditions which need

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system alone is used to control the source of the fresh air and insure

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day, the arms, thighs, and lower legs are involved.

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