and .some of its probable causes. Tr. Epidemiol. Soc.

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We received not long ago a communication from a Western

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ground taken in the paper, as near as he could express it, is, that if a paper is submit-

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fors, 1897. xxxix, 427-487.— Soderbaam (P.) Operation

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it was 18"3 per cent., whereas in eight other cases the average percentage was

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has pointed out that, in addition to pulmonary gangrene properly so called,

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the body of one Lazarus Colloredo, described by Bartholin.

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identical with these, and appear to be dissolved out of the bacilli rather

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of these cases I followed the advice of Maydl to the letter. The

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Barry writes : '' May 18th, 1736. I was mad enough to go to

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terminate in a variety of modes ; by exhaustion, by pneumonia, by

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chronic interstitial nephritis. In the chronic parenchymatous nephritis the

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tent. A careful study was made of private considered, especially when it is borne in

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injection of a very dilute solution of Permanganate of

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observed in cases of recent poisoning by phosphorus. Schuchardt describes,

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If there is obstruction in the ureter, or even in the urethra, we will get

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showing that this modified method of examination is absolutely under the

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of its similitude to religion, "even as it addeth deformity

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late stage in the disease. It sometimes, however, precedes

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has in one instance been demonstrated as a contamination of vaccine

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ocular diseases are due to some reflex disturbance from the nose. The

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ommended the police supervision of all milk dairies.

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