cavity of guinea-pigs which had succumbed to infective peritonitis, and

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sulphur ; and the Germans have shown that the cells which

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191. Ham (Potted)— Ingredients— 2 J^ lbs. of lean ham, ^ lb. of fat,

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of the heart result, apparently, from inflammation, which causes

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entirely disappeared after three weeks local application of iodine.

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Give strong tea and coffee. Artificial respiration must be employed

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be carefully distinguished. Usually the failure to relieve the attack by

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trasted with a classical type, the Muscular Hercules. It is nonetheless an amusing fancy, and

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gave him both aperient medicine by the mouth and an enema,

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is often found to diminish or temporarily to disappear. The tender points

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becomes dull, responding to the liver ; whilst on the left

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continuance, with obtuse pain and stiffness, and copious and obstinate

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from malaria, they must be regarded as intercurrent diseases. We

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Number of unbound "Theses" and "Dissertations" . 12,568

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The treatment exhibiting so high a rate of moratlity in

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combined. 2 In recent years, there have been fewer than ten

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advantage of the well-equipped and able physician, if ethical consid-

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executed. Especially worthy of mention are those showing the

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room. These are all excellent in character. The closets are

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societies come to the rescue and vie with one another in the size of

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true renal bacteriuria, in which the urine becomes infected without

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reached 1 or 2 cm. or more in size before opening, we may see evidences

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from ten to fifteen cents a day (Mex.) which just about covers their

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^ In Crawford's article on chorea (Forbes and ConoUy's Encyclopaedia), a case of

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the patient may be faint, cold, and convulsed, yet haemorrhage of the

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for a time longer than five and one-half hours. Further, on one

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done on any one subject without retracing our steps and scan-

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compress the pneumogastric or apply electric stimulation. The patient should

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either of the poplars, chamomile, or almost any other

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imi)ortance of this object of treatment has doubtless been much eiagge-