sure is well borne, but deep, firm pressure occasions more or less suffering.

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etiology. — As usual, when no certain knowledge of the aetiology

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istic side. From this we see that this Archeus of Van Helmont

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ptom. It may he accompanied by local pains, by tenderness, or by oedema,

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although there be an early stage of constitutional affection j)reviou9

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Small bodies ; spinous processes thick, short, straight, and bifid

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by mechanism^ as though the deviation was the cause and its

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viii. p. 895. 36. LEYDEN. Zeitschrift f. klin. Med. xxi. 1892, p. 1. 37. MARIE, 1'.

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Podophyllin thus prepared is of a pale, opaque, yellow color;

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culous vomicae and bronchiectatic cavities, and patients suffering from these

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Woch. 1896, No. 24, p. 547. — 5. Cokvisart. "De la contracture des extremites en

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curpo; operazione sec. M. Lannelongue; miglioramentci.

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tissue. She also had amaurosis, but this was perhaps an independent affection.*

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irregular outline and varying size ; on section these areas

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tumor. The catheter, at the time I saw the patient, had been in situ

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of eclamptics was in direct proportion to the diminished

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of the growth, but after a careful consideration of the whole specimen,

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phenomenon of cough), so long as the process in the lung, the cause

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reduction in the number of pulmonary valves results in the majority

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for his work was intense, and nothing but the constant

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may be obtained from actual bathing. The bath may be begun at body

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give (as far as we see) the fairest promise of success, is very apt.

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