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to find out the cause, and remove it if possible. As to diet,

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and ordinary wines. As a rule, a sea voyage improves them,

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brought about without direct intervention of a second person, who is

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The complications are to be treated as they arise, but the sponging

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though the temperature in diphtheria is never very high, yet a sudden

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Fischer reports twelve cases cured for over two years and four

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added to three drachms of normal saline solution at 104° F. This is

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retention of water is one of the chief elements in the febrile process.

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an organ of excretion has been recognized so long ago as the time of

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and the absence of the bacillus icteroides would go far to clear

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statistics, with case histories, but the fact has been established that

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of chronic phthisis) and it may be rarely a primary seat of the affection.

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Greece. They can be grown and cured in California, but

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at 45°. That she bore the latter without flinching testifies to the value of gradually

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The tube being introduced to the line mark usually found upon it (the

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P.M., lecture by the professor of materia medica; four p.m.,

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general, producing widespread paralysis. Tiie child, unable to hold any-

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of serous diarrhea, the algid stage or collapse, and the stage of reaction.

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the existence of cavities. The latter are usually small, while surround-

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excessive, but by means of careful palpation we can in most cases satisfy

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probably demanded a greater response on the part of the weakened

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of the abdomen and a diminished urinary secretion. A tendency to

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erythematous nature, although this latter trouble I think is

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mencing excavation in left apex. Robert (i , aged lil years; dyer.

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buttons are most used. In this country we use mostly the

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22. Pressing the sheet firmly to his side with the right arm (Fig.

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of before, which is destined to supersede all the inorganic

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time, changed from fact-filled, conceptual classroom students

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or impossible to get gluten bread absolutely free from starch.

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his work and taken proper advantage of such a course should

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some forms of passive hemorrhages ; liver hypercemia ; muscular atony

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which obstructs the interchange of gases and additionally intoxicates

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give us hope in a hitherto hopeless malady. The nose and

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the end there may be no pus, but the patient will be lucky to

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cloudy swelling of the epithelium of the tubules with fatty degeneration,

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By this study of the life history of germs we find how they

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fellow-citizens, and thus in many cases the public, whilst

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In protracted septicemia more marked alterations exist, and among

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and in addition to those already mentioned I may name Dr.

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phoid fever, diphtheria, scarlet fever, tyrotoxicon poisoning,

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