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The diets for the cases reported in this paper were prepared in

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sponding age, we should find a rise in stature of approximately \ in.

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tion of its principal features. Michael R — - — is now

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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is devoted to the

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for inoculation, the application to be made to each arm, the skin

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treatment? Its prophylaxis may be perfect; but that neglected we

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jy chemical analysis, Dr. Edwards found strychnia in the stomach, the

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such an accumulation of flatus as produces enormous distension of the abdomen ;

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tumor which was diagnosed last winter as displaced liver was really a

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vation to the position of the body; as the first central station, it receives and con-

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which apparently has not been definitely decided. In answering such a

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and it can be traced upward a long distance. In the posterior

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last spoke of ; but in many of them the muscular fixing

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serum poured out, or plastic lymph deposited ; adhesions occur, induration,

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Health work is primarily and essentially educational. The principles

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innominate. This is evidenced during life, not only by the distension of

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was more liable than the expectant method to give rise

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or suffer from deoxygenation of his blood by CO poisoning,