(3.) Assumjition by the nuclei of a peripheral position
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these rays are absorbed, aiul black is the result. The effjct is the
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the many analogous bodies experimented upon by him, and were
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discriminate mixture of races and different strains
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E No. XII. I. — Nature of Infection and of Vaccine in Cases in ivhich
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ceptible cattle, the animals begin to show symptoms of
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have seen cases recover whose chances I considered were
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studied abroad, but that no article about it has been
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as can be seen by the level of his ribs, viewed from behind,
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who are to undergo slight operations. On account of the
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with the astringent lotions in the se\eie ones. Under this regimen,
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In cleverness of conception, there seems scarcely a doubt regarding
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opsonic index, Wassermann's reaction, and the multi-
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resisting all efforts at relief till the foci have been
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is then made in the upper front part of the wall of
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why was the Wertheim done in the case of cystic papilloma
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but an animal that has suffered from a partial rupture
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justified in continuing the use of mixed or combined
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men was taken was a man who was admitted to the Meath
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of the Royal College of Physicians of London. A sincere and
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of morphine. Under this treatment steady improvement
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colored by sodium vapor in front of the slit. I then saw the dark
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glottic, or both, and the locality of the obstruction
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chronic gonorrhoea at the same time as she was under treat-
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dropsy; thanks largely to the labours of the French
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surgeon should be employed to perform the operation.
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using a special applicator which bears his name, and
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to the ground, but was able afterwards to walk home with
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teach them to mind a single word or whistle, and much
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aj-ray examination of the intestinal tract is open to ob-
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w'ere directed was chiefly the testing of the vari-
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serum, as determined by taking the average for six-
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lysis on blood agar plates. The teeth were carious.
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verse incision at the midline over the stomach. The
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consisted of 650 c. c. of nitrogen with initial pres-
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that the evidence was not satisfactory. In order to gain the
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granted, that the proof of the healthiness of the milk must lie in
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course of treatment, (a) Should one make a vaginal ex-
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the sanatorium, they must be put under the care of their
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|?resident being unable, from any cause, or declining, to summon a Special
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for. Turning the horse sharpl}^ to the right or to the
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jj-eneral Meeting, for the consideration of particular business, the nature of
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To treat, remove the cause. If necessary to work the
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