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take care by ablutions, by change of clothing, and by exposing himself freely

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ganglion he would generally adopt the antiseptic method, considering it safer

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cember 28, 1879. At a meeting of the State Board of Health,

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localized reaction, with the victim initially experiencing

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health. These in turn require that there be social, economic,

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After dinner, up to bedtime, tea and a liberal quantity of milk are

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electric batteries used, for an indefinite time, Avithout relief.

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in the skull seem less evanescent, but in one case at least [113] they

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The age of an individual and the rate of the heart are two

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where the Government bears all the expense, or to call

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being ineffectual, a more careful physical examination of the

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nervous system, receiving inpressions and transmitting impulses, by means of the nervous

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hoff), opium, quinine, extracts of gentian and belladonna (Gou-

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from injury or operation. In others it is an acute or chronic

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' Cenlratbl. f. die Gremgeb. der med, und Chir., Jena, August 30, 1811,

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subject of 'Medical Ethics.' The student, though he has prac-

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Extraction JVucis Vomicce. Extract. — gr. |-j, in pill, t. d.

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using the light iwo-horse ambulances for bringing them from the field, and the

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examination was not practicable. According to Niemeyer, in many cases,

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kinsman named Peter Nightingale, he was compelled by the

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Tonnelle noticed that young girls with tetany were cured at the onset

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