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exudate ; evidences of hyperemia and beginning to repair.
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acid. Three years ago, in spring lectures given here, I explained
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Balance in General Fund, October 16, 1890, .... $364.85
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of a bone, which occurs independently of a traumatic force sufficient
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tion, used once daily, say at mid-day, with the usual
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observe certain phenomena in the animal economy which follow a pe-
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notes on special operations, — such as skin grafting, restoration of sunken noses,
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treatment must be carefully chosen. Only those likely
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tioned some cases of children that he had attended, in whom the appetite had
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Ten years later he says, in a paper read before the
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duce to the discovery of abstract truths. He gave beauty
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— J. F , aged thirty-six, of Albany, in August, 1869,
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venous circulation, as chronic heart and lung disease.
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nine years it was taken over by Sutherland & Knox in 1855, and
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autopsy no gross lesion is observable, will be shown to reveal degenerative
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Harold D. Langston, M.D., and Ms. Harriet Farley, M.S.W.*
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serve that to be of any permanent benefit its use must be persisted in for a
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13. Report of the Professional Relations Committee for the
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vessels, the medial, enter the medulla in the middle line, and supply the
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ally changed, especially the state of the pulse, dyspnoea and palpita-
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kindly and generous help in scientific work and suggestion given
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npon. It is generally believed that the enteric typhus cannot be
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the numerous text-cuts, sixty of which are in colors, are of ex-
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piece of wood. If there is no object at hand, we should free the victim by
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much worse from fresh exposure to the cold air. She was
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need have no fear that it will enter the trachea. To make
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patient who is not cooperative, it is almost impossible to get a
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repeated, she had one stool. She had also been given a number of high
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alimentary tract, probably the rectum by the colon bacillus, the
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and it was with the view of protecting it that he had devised the instru-
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porary relief will usually be afforded, while a complete
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and mucous membranes manifest more or less inflammation
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nose and throat were essentially negative buu all the teeth were
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sent to do this, and once people believed in his mission,
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that it was a fine demonstration and he felt that he
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work ordinarily performed in Broca's convolution. This instance