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the very lines taken bv the nerve-currents when the cells were
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well ; amendment took place on the seventh day in three, and
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of that unfortunate city. It was not believed that Memphis could ever
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the liver, and exercises a most distressing effect upon the breasts and
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and in the inflammatory lymph on the pericardium and the pleura.
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patients from the department of the Seine and Oise, the hus-
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ployed. The leaves and stalks are cut and put into a pipe, and
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Ann. di ottal.. Pavia, 1886-7. xv, 4.'i8-470. AUa, Rep, int —
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extremity of the penis, its bulb so firmly held by the stricture
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der graduates. We can safely say though that with the advent of the
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tumor could be felt, which varied in position from one ex-
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adenoids as a direct invitation to the contraction of catarrhs in general,
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courses in Vienna, devoting half an hour to the examination of cases,
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prostrate than on her admittance. The veratrum, was discontin-
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marked distension of the pelvis of the kidney, while tlie
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Treatment. — It is not possible to state any treatment for a disease which
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As nitrate of silver is rather irritating and also exerts a
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allergy or bronchial asthma; and in those with glucose-
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about a fecolith 3 cm. in length. Convalescence has
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In three cases injections were made into the liver. In two of these
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The Ciliata are characterized by the presence of protoplasmic pro-
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way. The muscles of voluntary motion and of respiration, may he excited by stimulating the
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slacken his hand, upon which the artery discovered itself by the
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although their symptoms are not always sufficiently marked to assure us of
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which followed make the only excuse I have to offer for
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Franklin TanArtsdaien, at his home in Philadelphia, November
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not to be hasty in passing their opinion that any eruptive disorder is that
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gurated, laying the foundation for a more comprehensive health pro-
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the depth of the thickness of the frontal bone at this
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tion, used once daily, say at mid-day, with the usual
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There was impaired resonance with bronchial breathing and scanty crepitation at
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and are found to coincide exactly, it is practically certain that they are
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Lynn, Secretary; Dr. W. Neilson, Salem, Treasurer ; Dr. L.
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and who falls into the fire, or onto a hot stove, may
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and it is so arranged as to stand the test of the law.
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with occasional appUcations of a weak iodine-solution
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(Abstr.] : Centralbl. t'.Gynak., Leipz., 1894, xviii, 1026-1031.
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of a saturated solution of methylene blue into the vessels
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frictions to the abdomen and axillse, and gave mercury internally com-