i,ioo parts of water, freely soluble in alcohol and in oils.
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all superficial and deep inflammations produced primarily by patho-
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— is very suggestive. In such cases every part of the chest should be very
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and the svibarachnoid tissue also thickened and infiltrated, usual con-
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For the past twelve or more years tlie writer and his two assist-
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drops of the secretion generally ooze at once from the orifice, pro-
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for a long time past it has been encouraged as a national
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dency — another man urgently needed. Twelve miles
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out adhesions. The case was diagnosed lipoma which had undergone
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and when I saw him a few hours later the pupils were widely dilated,
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40 5 g. to the liter, with but a trifling increase in the polyuria.
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surgeons whom I know, as by any surgeon of Europe. Why do I
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the hen, or the end which they proposed to themselves in generation,
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to discharge it, the nature of the affection is distinctly spasmodic.
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the black drop, and an aqueous solution of opium are well suited to the
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Laryngoscopy and Dis. of the Throat and Chest in Jefferson Med. Coll. Philadel-
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with marked limitation of motion? Compare this with a case that
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Experiment Station at Wooster, reacted to tuberculin, and
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time, unable to examine her carefully, and as her father was
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Typhus fever may be differentiated from enteric fever by the erup-
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only way, and a very effective way, for dealing with chiropractic.
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lit- ii Professor of Midwifery in Glasgow, nol only upheld the
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hinting that Mr. Disraeli was the only man of sufficient
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forms of practice of the healing art, and as it is the first instance
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ous and only fourteen being nutrient mothers for four
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societies. And should such a plan ever go into effect, it
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half months it became necessary to remove a piece of
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sterilized salt-solution, after which from 300 to 500 cc.
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imperfect clearing out of long sinuses about the pelvis and sacro-
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The Aplijsia, one of the molluscs, furnishes an example of an
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said to be the most valuable variety, but is rarely seen in the
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and content, we have enumerated about all the virtues they can claim,
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fractured pelvis, extravasation occurs in the prevesical space between the
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ance of amebas from the stools, later increase in the diarrhea. The
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So far as the physician.*s inspection is concerned, it is perhaps sufficient to
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efficacy of the new gospel ! But the real secret of the growth of
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ter.' (See Dewees, Pitschaft, Sundelin, Seifert, &c.) Many,
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acceptable policy at a reasonable premium. This announcement
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peptic for the remainder 'of life ; and all from his not having had
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Uraemia Excess of Uric Acid in Gout, Uricoemia Retention of Excrementitious