single filament is liable to vary in length ; whilst (as Van Bene-
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where, consulting personal ease in preference to all other considerations ; and any woman who
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table arranged by Brewer is especially useful, though it
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kee Children’s Hospital Pharmacy (both of which have dispensed all
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Paradoxic Pupillary Reaction. This phenomenon, first described by Ober-
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stages; in fact, it is often positively harmful. Prolonged hot baths are often
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nature of the pain, which is marked and looali/ed. On
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.syringing the external ear with water of certain temperatures causes nystagmus
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a symptom of very ordinary occurrence, particularly when other paralytic
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and into the connective tissue-cells of the adjacent alveoli. On the
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stopper, which should be further secured by a cap of
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Chester White. — Fine, straight, or wavy, evenly distributed, and covering the
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longer instrument is required to reach it. This silver
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By a reference to the cut here presented, it will be seen that the
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efactors of the human race. Whether they are conferring any real ben-
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Article IV. — Chronic Rheumatism and its Counterfeits. By J.
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Since a course in practical chemistry has been made one of
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inflammation of the hand and forearm, so as to require the most
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him to acknowledge his errors when they are pointed out to him.
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physician care after they have been determined presump-
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yet be passed, the esophagus was opened in the neck, in
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For the past twelve or more years tlie writer and his two assist-
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moan, but do nothing slat — could stir neither hand- nor feet. To-day,
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in addition to its being inappropriate, from its being now well esta-
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Chem., Sirassb., 1897, xxiii, 17.5-208.— .Sacliaroff ' ( X.)
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Firstly ; That before the age of ten years revaccination
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trouble to the Registrar than aU the duties of the Registration
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which they are produced. These causes, more especially as regards
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Crampton, Sir Philip, Bart., on lithotrity, ...... 1