phylactic measures are of special importance in children with this

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was usually but little pain upon pressure. In all cases

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pressure applied to the inverted apex, is of doubtful philoso-

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guide, and followed it with the thermo-cautery rod, thus

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Diverse Actions of Microbic Poisons. — The parenchymatous degener-

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possible etiology, it seems unlikely that the subsequent trouble

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tion and of the pains in the joints. She had some bronchitis in the first days

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hemorrhages occurred from which the patient finally suc-

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The use of cod-liver oil is also highly commendable, and, when it

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vided attention to be applied to the care of the perinaeum. On

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fail. If a movement of the bowels does not follow naturally upon the

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tive incidence as in cases of inspired foreign bodies.

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Free Hospital the other day and saw G. Granville Bantock,

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was very shortly afterwards attacked, in no very measured

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Standing on the left side of the patient, I divided the soft parts

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said in the practical exercise of Christian principles, which it is

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of abatement of febrile movement varies in different cases, sometimes ap-

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Kensington- square, to Ada Alice, second daughter of the late Golding

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Cough. — J. \V. VViltse says that RcTskam's modification

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whereas in cases of weak dilated hearts, and in cases where the

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beats, making them intermit and ilutter at different

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vented, although access of air is allowed; and a solu-

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Pleasure carriages and loaded vehicles, in a ceaseless procession,

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has ceased to exist. In such cases the removal of the

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Gjov by a young man who had left Thorshavn, where the epidemic was