After dinner, up to bedtime, tea and a liberal quantity of milk are
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3. The Examinations of Stained Specimens of Blood in Its
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in size from a hickory-nut to a goose-egg, and attain even larger pro-
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the peritonaeum recovers after operation because putrefactive bacteria pro-
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together and the eyes closed. Examination of the motor
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twelve days previously (the exact dates ; pulse 106 ; urine scanty, very high colour-
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of the plant collected at the time and pressed as herbarium specimens were
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same eye without any risk ; a circumstance which extraction does not
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removing the obstacle by this method, it will be good practice to
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Acute Yellovj - Atrophy ; 6, Hydatid Disease of the
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through the uterus by packing the horn. 3. Parametritis
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part unaflfected with any recent trouble. There has
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lepsy, chorea, insanity, etc. The brain, the stomach, and the
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August, 1902, when I first saw him. There was a constant haze over the left
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found that there was one opening in the ileum as large as the end of
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•:le ; con-ecjuentlv the w.iter never become- supernatant.
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sometimes lasting two or three seconds only ; and usually the recovery
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236 Mr Ware'; Chirurglcal Ohftrvaiions on the Eye. April
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telligent mother may learn much which will be to her advan-
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erally not readily susceptible to B. pullorum. Jones, 1 " Rettger, 2 and Hadley, 13
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usual contractile power of the vessel or vessels, will occasion
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panied by erythematous patches and urticarial wheals.
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as ten, f(jurteen, or twenty, and may even reach twent3''-two, twenty-
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Prof. Aldex March, of Albany, has communicated to the New York State
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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Rectum. By
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was less than 0'5 person per room, and in 453 of the 617, or 73 per
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Nerve Iivjuries to the Shoulder-joint.— F. E. Bunts
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I have great pleasure in recommending Dr. Christison^s observations
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rable time afterwards, the condition of the leg produced a visible
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Cormack quotes an opinion recently given by Mr. Keane,
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cal nature of which the person best informed along general lines is
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things as best he could. In the morning I gave him five
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dilutions as high as 1 to 2,000. This inhibition in high dilutions is in