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mont, died in Charlotte, Va., September 18, aged fifty-

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This handsome volume is the last of a series of important

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far up or down its continuity. In these cases it is almost as well to do the old

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localized peritonitis expectantly and operate later rather than to risk

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states with or without absorption and with agonizing

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will be found a great advance in the treatment, also, of

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each part to a certain specialist, and penalizing anyone who goes out

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which have not the slightest adaptation to his wants. He

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occurring in the healthy muscles. And this has a valuable re-educative effect

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suddenly, without any striking premonitory symptoms, sink into

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disease to increase and the patient's strength to grow less.

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end which rests on the fossa or concave surface formed by the

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The lesions in the mouth have been, for the most part, considered. In the

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These two cases are fair examples of the number treated in this way,

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twenty-four to forty-eight hours old still exhibit motilit3^ The mo-

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alterations in the alkalies. By this fermentation lactic acid is

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in its broadest part, and two and a half inches in thickness. In

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ately fewer microfilariae than the non-elephantiasis

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Treatment.— 1>\'. F. Weber, of St. Petersburg, has giveu the results of his obser-

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reinforcing the noble elements of our organs. The cytotoxins

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ticed a small amount of blood in the stools. For the

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prevail, it ifl only in this way they can he removed. Under BUCh cir-

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Moravians, their efforts to instruct negroes in religion 121

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warfare against the " white plague " — Tuberculosis. w. a. y.

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of the trouble will be the most certain cure of stammering.

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1980 tax return. When refunds are returned by the Postal

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tral utricular cavity, and the uterus of the female,

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alteration of opinion, founded, as we must admit, on j If I may generalise from my personal experience, I

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General Inefficiency. build a mind that is clean, rich, bright, and

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