diarrhoea, even with bloody discharges. Again, the bowel movements may appear
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ovarian tumors at that point, we generally find the full sound of the
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bedded seems to be relaxed, and to oppose less resistance to the relaxa-
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nies an already existing tuberculosis of other organs, or else forms one
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various kinds were produced by spontaneous generation. This
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between the trabecule of the spleen, which contain the pulp, in
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occurred in one year, among 377 admissions ; and, in that of
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total inaction of one or of several muscles of the larynx, the palsy was
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rhages into the intestines, such as quite frequently occur during con-
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cess can be ascribed to jt in practice. As but little air passes the larynx,
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bound to exert his utmost influence to inculcate habits of
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the heart, especially in cases of disease of the mitral valve, the existence
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peutics. Entire absence of the heart, or of one of its chambers, is one
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be mistaken are carcinomatous tumors of the pleura and mediastinum.
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ment of respiration, or if he complain of a sense of formication, or of
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Besides this painful affection, there is not unfrequently a painful tense
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much longer duration. But the patient not only grows thin because
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thoracic duct When the subclavian vein is filled to distention, the flow
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2. — T/ierapeiUiG Action and Uses of Turpentine. [Medical
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place first, and that the interstitial and parenchymatous
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mucosa and, although no perforation is mentioned, he considers the peritonitis
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plantar surfaces, and, at the metacarpo- or metatarso-phalan-
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case of actinomycosis. The article of Kitchensky (Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Phar-
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fect, then, placing the child from time to time in a warm bath, apply a
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duration of the infection was drawn and the tendency to relapses and
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mosquito itself in the air. Both stages of existence are equally
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without exaggeration, that such a drop is inhabited by from