others in surrounding districts. In the parts, and mix in a mortar ; add a sufficient
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patient is made more comfortable by partial excision of the eyeball.
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iologic. The secretion of certain antitoxic substances in
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ence and knowledge of facts that have come "under my own
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"porate The incision in the uterus itself might be carefuUy
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function which we wish to excite. While calomel is a most
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temporarily and is especially useful for the purpose of
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phenomena: (1) Pain, commonly described as agonizing, referred to the
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served, and the digestion continues good. Piarrhfca occurs in some cases.
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schools, and medical men ought to be better remunerated
first daily, afterwards on alternate days, beginning with twelve and increasing to
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his side reading the newspaper. The drainage may be consid-
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eration. Dr. Richelot decided upon removing the entire
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State medical societies, particularly in New England, and recognizing the
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region presented features of unusual danger and symptoms
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many totally despair of our ever being able to arrive at cer-
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the temperature dropped, and she appeared better, but the
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Inhibition as an attribute of the nervous system, does
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to which their reduced vitality makes them an easy prey ; but
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in"-, convulsions, and tetanic stiffness of the limbs. One child died in the
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and partly on account of the presence of toxic substances in
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so immovably in a solid case, such as I have described. In
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the City Hospital, while the vast majority of syphilitic
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cine, until the 30th of April, the very day which corresponds with the
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trolling the action of the heart, it was objected that its use
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Adah Elizabeth Verder, Ph.D., Instructor in Bacteriology.
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know that the small intestine is covered over on the inside surface by
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may be so shght as not to be noticed. On the other hand, they
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which I have employed it. On May 29, the wound being nearly
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